NOUN /sləmˌ däg/

Originating from a place of not having, a slumDAWG is a person who overcomes extreme hardship to make something out of nothing. A winner of their environment, a slumDAWG does not let the circumstances life presented them with determine the outcome.

C40, also known as Scarface, is a rapper from Uptown Chicago, Northside, Lawrence and Winthrop, who has had to overcome numerous obstacles to achieve success in the music industry. Growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago, C40 was exposed to gang violence and gun crime from a young age. Despite these challenging circumstances, he turned to music as a means of expressing himself and coping with the difficulties he faced.

C40's lyrics are deeply personal, often addressing the challenges and struggles of growing up in a neighborhood rife with violence and poverty. He draws inspiration from his own experiences, as well as the stories of those around him, to create music that is both authentic and thought-provoking. He is known for his powerful, gritty flow and his ability to paint vivid pictures with his words.

Despite facing numerous setbacks and challenges in his personal life, including addiction and run-ins with the law, C40 remained committed to his music. He continued to hone his craft and develop his skills as a rapper, eventually catching the attention of industry insiders. He has since released several successful Singles and collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop.

Today, C40 is regarded as one of the most promising young rappers to emerge from Chicago in recent years. He is known for his fierce dedication to his craft and his willingness to speak truth to power. He continues to use his music to shed light on the issues facing his community, particularly gang and gun violence, and hopes to inspire other young people from Uptown Chicago to pursue their dreams and rise above the challenges they face


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